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Unemployment can have a lasting negative impact on service users, and here at TF, we view unemployment as a waste of talent as we believe there’s a job out there suitable for every individual.

Housing & Maintenance

Service users, especially those leaving prison and trying to find rented accommodation, typically have underlying support needs. Without the right support in finding the right place to live...

Cooking Sessions

Healthy cooking is less expensive because it requires less shopping and less waste. These sessions are hands-on classes that cover basic cooking skills, food safety, and hygiene, basic nutrition


Working on a one-to-one basis within our tailored framework, we are able to ensure that the needs of various client groups are consistently met, irrespective of their background, race, or religion.

How to Sessions

We understand that there is a growing need for the provision of services that support service users in difficult situations to turn their lives around. ‘How to Sessions’ offers a tailored support service for this ....

Money Management

Money management is the multifaceted process of knowing where and how you are spending your money today with a plan in place for where you want it to go in the future


Having worked in this area for nearly 5 years, Tailored Futures has stepped up its approach and we are now recruiting directly for the employer. Tailored Futures, though in a short span of time...

Link Program

Tailored Futures staff are experts in their fields and are experienced in providing link services to varied client groups and service providers. Our team understands the challenges faced by service users

A concrete help for a better and kind world

Tailored Futures CIC aims to provide service users with tools that enable them to meet everyday challenges through the provision of personalized service, tailored to each client’s needs

Donate for a better future

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