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Employment Training and Education

For many people on probation (PoPs), access to Education, Training and Employment is the key to reducing recidivism and ultimately in becoming independent. Studies have also shown that services which uses a strengths-based or desistance approach identifies the social factors that can support an individual on probation to desist from reoffending. Yet, PoPs continue to find it difficult to gain employment, even if they are highly enthusiastic, skilled and have commendable work ethic – desirable qualities that employers seek out in prospective employees.
Tailored Futures’ Education, Training and Education Programme not only helps you hone your skills, but helps you develop new skills, gain qualifications, and get support finding work.

Our ETE support is free to PoPs and tailored to your needs


Unemployment can have a lasting negative impact on People on Probation (PoPs) and here at Tailored Futures, we view unemployment as a waste of talent as we believe there’s a job out there suitable to every individual. We believe that with the right support and guidance, People on Probation (PoPs) can be empowered and motivated to succeed in the job market. Our services offer the following support:

  • CV writing & Cover Letters

  • Support with writing disclosure letter

  • Mock interviews

  • Support with job applications

  • Job searches

  • 1-on-1 coaching on employment skills and tips


Education & Training

This is the most sought out aspect of our ETE programme, as it has continually proven effective with giving PoPs the necessary start with reintegrating back into the community.
Supported by our staff, PoPs learn how to access nationally accredited courses and are given training opportunities. Of these courses we provide:

  • CSCS & Health and Safety Level 1

  • Railway Engineering Level 2

  • Personal Training Level 2

  • Electrical Installation Level 1

  • Plumbing Level 1

  • Referrals to colleges and training providers.

  • Eligibility assessment.

  • Sourcing adequate financial support whilst engaged in studies/training.

  • And many more…

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