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After working with people on probation (PoPs) for several years, we discovered that a significant number of them had some form of disability. The service users would feel that now that they have been convicted of a criminal offense, this would reduce their chances even more of securing employment. We discovered another issue that needs to be addressed, so we have added Support Work (working under the DWP Access to Work Scheme) to the services we currently provide to address it.
4 in 10 of the PoPs that we worked with in 2017 had some form of learning need, with dyslexia being the most common. The Prison Reform Trust published a Briefing in Summer 2017: Prison the Facts which identified that nearly 3 in 10 people assessed in Prison in 2015-2016 reported that they had a learning disability or difficulty. Further studies have shown that there are a proportion of individuals who suffer from some form of a disability.
TFS has extended its support to enable individuals with a disability to secure a job regardless of their disabilities. We provide support for you to confidently complete your work. We have a partner agency that will assess each individual and based on your needs and requirements, supply a support worker to enable you to do your work.

This service is not exclusive to PoPs. We provide this service to all our clients!

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This is about you!

We want our service users to feel that there should be nothing to stop them from achieving their potential regardless of their background and physical disabilities.
We are here to help you realize your dreams and achieve your goals. We believe the support we can offer will have a positive impact on your life, boosting your self-confidence as well as promoting equal rights.

“Tailored Futures played a significant role in providing me with both advice and assistance in my search for accommodation and a job in the private sector.”


Hanna Mcroe


What is the DWP Access to Work Scheme?

The Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) helps individuals who want to work but have a disability or long-term medical condition that makes working a problem. Providing you meet the eligibility criteria, you may be able to get help from the Access to Work (ATW) program.
The Access to Work program provides practical advice and support to help you overcome employment-related obstacles. It can also award you funding approval towards additional barriers to employment that you may have due to your disability or long-term health condition.
Examples of the kind of help available through Access to Work are:

  • For those who are unable to communicate due to speech difficulty or are deaf, you may be supported by A communicator or an interpreter.

  • For those with visual impairment, you may be supported by a reader; note taker; typist or a specialist job coach for a person with a particular learning difficulty.

  • Being provided with specialist equipment (or alterations to existing equipment) to suit your needs, such as brail equipment for the visually impaired

  • Alterations to premises or a working environment to make it more accessible.

  • Financial support with travel costs if you are unable to use public transport, such as cab fares for claustrophobic individuals.

Best Experience


Within a week of coming out of prison, Tailored Futures put me on a CSCS course, and two days after I finished the course, they found me work. I still can’t believe it.


Becomes a

with us


How we do it

We provide support based on the needs of everyone. We will assess each individual case, considering your disability and job requirements. If we find that you are eligible for work-related support, we will then apply for funding on your behalf under the Department for Work & Pensions ‘Access to Work’ Scheme. Once the funding is approved, we will then be able to provide you with an appropriate support worker. We will give you an opportunity to meet the support worker and have an informal discussion to see how you feel working with them. Our support Workers are all DBS-cleared and we will try our best to accommodate your needs. During your work, if you require support for further hours than those granted by ATW, we will assist in re-assessing your circumstances and applying.


The Department for Work and Pensions has provided some guidance on the eligibility criteria. To get help from Access to Work you must:

  • have a disability or health condition (physical or mental) that makes it hard for you to do parts of your job or get to and from work.

  • be 16 or over.

  • live in England, Scotland or Wales – there’s a different system in Northern Ireland

  • your job must be based in England, Scotland or Wales..

You also need to have a paid job or be about to start or return to one. A paid job could include:

  • self-employment

  • an apprenticeship

  • a work trial or work experience

  • an internship

If you live in the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, you cannot work.
There are various rules and exceptions to the scheme under which individuals receive benefits for their disabilities.
Each individual will be assessed based on their circumstances. The above is the standard criteria to fulfill.

If you feel that you may require such support, please give us a call, and we’ll be happy to advise.
Our aim is to provide you with appropriate support for you to carry out your own work.


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