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According to the latest government statistics, there are over 10 million people in the UK with a criminal record. There is a common misconception that People on Probation (PoPs) are simply just criminals awaiting an opportunity to re-offend. Often, they are considered unskilled, unqualified, or illiterate. Another assumption is that all People on Probation have spent time in prison. If this was true, then that would mean that all the people currently in employment have never committed any offence. Well, we can assure you that this is simply not the case. For a start, we, at Tailored Futures have placed many People on Probation in paid employment ourselves and have witnessed them excelling to the point that they have been promoted to managerial posts. In addition, most criminal offences are concluded with the imposition of fines only which amounts to 68%. Only 7.9% of convictions result in imprisonment.

That said, employers are often more concerned with committed individuals and their ability to perform as asked. Over the years, we have discovered that our candidates strive at the idea of being given an opportunity. This makes them work harder than what's expected as they do not want to be stigmatized. Employers need workers who will be motivated and passionate about securing paid employment having been out of the job market for some time. Most of our candidates have completed training of some kind or are qualified in a specific area of work. So far, we have had no complaints from respected employers and have only received words of appraising for both our candidates and our services. This is the reason we decided to officially go down the route of working directly with employers.

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We have a non-discriminatory attitude towards each and every candidate we work with. We truly believe that given the right opportunity and support anyone can turn their life around. Providing you have the willingness and commitment we are ready to support you. We will work hand in hand with you to place you on a suitable career path and will provide you with the relevant training and qualifications you will require.

Our job does not end there! We will continue to provide additional support once you've secured your employment. We assist in continued personal development mentoring and help you with managing your finances such as saving towards rent deposits to secure accommodation.

Our Recruitment Steps:

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Candidates passed on and booked in for interview with Employer

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