Housing And Maintenance

Service users, especially leaving prison and trying to find rented accommodation typically have underlying support needs. Without the right support in finding the right place to live, legal knowledge, awareness of statutory right, and the basics of home maintenance service users could be at risk of homelessness or at worst reoffending. In preparation for the transition to independent living. These sessions will include topics such as:

  • Moving and setting up a home – bidding for properties, furnishing a home and connecting utilities, getting a TV license.
  • Day-to-day home maintenance, such as basic repairs of home appliances, e.g. changing plugs, or accessing local services such a decorators, plumbers, electricians.
  • How to keep a tenancy – applying for benefits, avoiding breach of a tenancy through rent arrears.
  • Managing a budget – dealing with debt, using a bank, budgeting and loans.
  • Advice and information on how to register with a GP and dentist, where to access sexual health services (and other services as applicable, e.g. childcare, counseling, mediation).